Nelson Mandela

Enmanuel Santana, Vincent Sposato

Claim: Nelson Mandela never stopped believing in his beliefs

Evidence #1

On paragraph 7, Lines 1 and 2, under the title "Imprisoned" the author states "Mandela continued to fight apartheid as a member of the ANC, which the government banned in 1960. In 1964, he was arrested again, this time for participation in an illegal organization and for treason. The court sentenced Mandela to life imprisonment." This proves that he believed in his beliefs because he went to jail for his beliefs

Evidence #2

On paragraph 9, Lines 1 to 3 under continuing the fight the author states that " In 1990, the South African government finally responded to international pressure and released Mandela. The activist became leader of the ANC. By this time, the country's government had become more flexible; Mandela worked with leaders to end apartheid. For their efforts, Mandela and President F.W. de Klerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize." This proves that he accomplished his belief and never stopped on it.


1. Nelson Mandela was born in July 18, 1918

2. Nelson Mandela was expelled from his college due to talking about his beliefs.

3. Nelson Mandela was awarded the Noble Prize

4. Nelson Mandela spent about 20 years in jail

5. Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.