revolutionary war weapons

by: alex carter

question 1: what are the weapons?

the american revolution introduced many new weapon that changed history! some are more common than others.
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flintlock (above)

this was a common weapon used on BOUTH sides. It's lack of accuracy made survival a chance of luck, though.

RANDOM FACT: the French supplied the Americans with muskets no more accurate than British ones, but was much more accessible.

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bainet (above)

this is an attatchment to the flintlock: think of it as a spear for your rifle. this made the flintlock function as 2 WEAPONS, with the second one being a meele one.

This is attached to the muzzle of the rifle, making it useful in meele battles.

Question 2: wich weapon is the best?

For this question, I wil judge all of the weapons by power, usefulness and generally how good of a weapon it is.
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Flintlock w/ bainet

This has an attachment on it, shure, but the attachment improves the weapon, and is not a weapon on it's own, so consider the bainet eliminated. This is the general way a weapon from this war was made: it was very common at the time. It was trusted and quick to reload, but not the most accurate of weapons.
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Flintlock pistol

This small but very inaccurate flintlock was carried by officers on both sides and by mercenaries. They also carried a sword with them (shown below).
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Cannons, grapeshot, and mortars!

These weapons of mass destruction were the powerhouses of war. From small steel balls that defines the power of grapeshot, to powerful mortars that launch giant ball barrings thousands of feet, these are mainstays of war for many generations to come. I will now show a gallery of these beasts below.


The American Revolutionary War had many newly introduced weapons back then: swords, spears, Montars, just to name a few. Their powerful arsenal REVOLUTIONized war for years to come (get it?). And we are yet to invent new things, including weapons, today and in the mere future that will change the world.

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