Tornado Danger

By Solie & Kylie

Tornadoes: causes and characteristics...

Tornadoes are caused when different temperatures and humidity meet to form thunderclouds. They form in unusually violent thunderstorms in the lower atmosphere. They have very high wind speeds, a funnel shape, lots of dust and debris, and other material.

How does a tornado negatively effect people & natural environments?

Tornadoes destroy animal's habitats, human property and vegetation. Tornadoes also cause soil erosion. Tornadoes effect humans feelings by killing or seriously injuring lots of loved ones every year. There are no positive effects.

Eco-Regions that are affected by tornadoes and Erosion...

The High Plains and Piney Woods are affected by tornadoes. Very strong winds in the tornadoes eventually cause soil erosion.

Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

It happened on May 20, 2013 in Moore Oklahoma. A EF5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma. The Tornado destroyed Oklahoma by killing 23 people and injuring 377 people. The tornado basically destroyed everything in its path. The tornado was 1.3 miles at its peak. Also, very few homes and schools did not have shelter.