Louis Pasteur: A Microbiologist

By: Erin Cox and Connie Campdell

Where and When He Was Born and Where He Died

He was born in France, December 27, 1822. Then he died near St. Cloud, France on September 28, 1895 of a stroke.

Facts about him

In his earlier years he worked as Crystallographic. Which is a person that examines the arrangement of atoms in solids.
He worked with microorganisms and germs that means he was a microbiologist.

An one of his beliefs is to stick with what you believe in because once he found something out he stuck with it and would defend it any way he could.

Louis Pasteur is famous because his discoveries saved a lot of lives. Because during those times diseases were every where especially in milk, so pasteurization was very useful.

One of his discoveries is that if you boil liquid example milk it gets rid of (kills) all of the bacterias and its safe to drink. We still drink it today

Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism. Louis Pasteur