Chris Santos

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

Communist are revolutionaries trying to destroy the American way of life. They were afraid that communist were the ones who bombed the eight cities. They exploded eight bombs in eight different cities.

Automobile I: The life and Times of Henry Ford

Henry Ford made cars affordable to the public and revolutionized American transportation. He also cut workweeks from six days to five days. He made the International Harvester,manufactories instituted an annual two week paid vacation for employees.

Automobile II: The new world of Automobility

The automobile changed society by making it to the average family not just the rich. It created new small business opportunities for garage and gas stations. It made people able to commute to jobs that are far away.

The Mass Media I: Radio

The radio broadcasted news of election victories which was the Harding's landslide election. It made the national broadcasting company which was a permeant network of stations. It created jobs for people and made 700 stations dotted the country

The Mass Media II: The birth of movies and movies stars

Movies had came into rotation with no sounding films. It created a pass time for people to watch movie with children for a night out. This became the golden age of Hollywood began.

Changing roles of Women

A flapper is a young, dramatic, stylish, and unconventional women. They smoked cigarettes, drank prohibited liquor, and dressed in too revealing attire by previous generations. Other women sought to find financial independence by working.

Evolution and the Scopes Trial

Fundamentalism is to join a religious movement and many people in real towns choose to do so. It rejected Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. They believed that the bible was literally true and without error.

Fighting Racism

The NAACP batted valiantly against segregation and discrimination against African American. The UNIA was an organization aimed at promoting black pride and unity. Marcus Garvey captured millions of African American Immigrants which gloried the black culture.

Jazz Age I

Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago from New Orleans which introduced improvisation and made Jazz. Jazz is a style of music influenced by Dixieland music and ragtime. It had ragged rhythms and syncopated melodies

Jazz Age II

Armstrong broke away from group playing and became the first great cornet and trumpet soloist and Jazz music. It made people go soloing leave groups to performs on stage. The preformed at the Cotten club in Harlem

Painters od the Harlem Renaissance

There was an outburst of one activity with African American in all aspect of art. The cultured moment was called "the New Negro Movement." Which is now latter called the "Harlem Renaissance"

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

A poet in the Harlem Renaissance was Langston Hughes. He is one of the most well known names in Harlem. He was writer, whose pieces ranged from books to plays.

Heroes of American

Amelia Earhart is the world's most famous and celebrated women pilot of all time. She flied solo across the Atlantic. She went to fly around the world with her navigators but her plan was never found.

American Sport

Many Americans watched and participated in many different sports. The radio bright all these sports to new heights reaching more popularity and gaining more money. Some of the sports that were watched and played was boxing, football, and baseball.

Organized Crime

The movement to ban alcohol was banded in the late 1800's but many people supported prohibition. Many people went to speakeasies that are secret bars that sold illegal alcohol. There was huge profit from there bars and made many people to join a mobs.

Racism and Nativism in the 20's

Eugenics is a pseudo science that deal with improving heredity traits and the group that practiced this was the Ku Klux Klan. They flourished in the South after the Civil War and used threats and violence to freed African Americans. The National Origins Act made immigrants restriction a permanent policy.

Immigration Restriction

Immigration reduced the available labor pool in the United States. Many workers and unions rejoicing at the reduction in jobs. Mexican immigrants helped to fill this need.