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Weekly updates March 16 - 20, 2015

Martin's Musings

"If understanding is about making meaning, then failure is always only temporary. Making meaning is a present participle that indicates an ongoing process." - Terry Heick

It is late Sunday afternoon. I am watching a little of the game and checking Twitter. I have encouraged you to be involved with twitter as a professional learning tool. Believe it or not that is not what I intended for today but that is how it went. :-) I follow AJ Juiliani on Twitter. I followed one of his tweets which ultimately led me to www.teachthought.com (check out the site) and an article/entry by Terry Heick. It was titled Helping Students Fail: A Framework. In this article I found what I quoted above. I thought it was powerful in the context of our students but also for ourselves.

I know that many of you are taking risks. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and saying I am going to change the way I have done this for all these years. Or, I am going to try this tool today with technology. You are asking questions. Just last week a teacher said something to me about not always stepping out of the box, not always being comfortable to try, not always sure how to. Later that week, the same teacher sent me an email that included "They are kids—young people—with talents, passion and drive. How do I harness that every day?" This teacher had said the same thing (kind of) to me in the hallway. My reply- take the risk. Research and grow understanding of personalized and problem based learning. I ended with the statement I will be glad to help. I would think this teacher is about to take a risk and at first may feel like they are failing. I applaud that risk and will support that teacher just as I do all of you.

Are you failing every day? I hope so. (I know that sounds funny to say.) I want you to fail in the sense that you are taking risks and making shifts. I don't want you to quit when it doesn't go well. I want you to make meaning from the strategies that you are trying in your classrooms. Instructional shifts are happening everyday in our classrooms. I see them, you share them with me, I hear the language in the hallways as I am walking by some days. I encourage you to grow. I encourage you to ask questions. I encourage you to share those risks and shifts just as Ms. Meadows did last week. Remember her share at faculty. It went something like this: "I am stepping out of my comfort zone as an art teacher and teaching writing in my classroom with the modeling and thinking that goes with it." (I don't think those were her exact word but close.) Great isn't it?

How are you going to take a risk with a new instructional strategy and grow? Making new meaning on how the students sitting in front of you will engage and master the standards you are presenting.

EdTech Share Fair

We are just under two weeks to go for the Edtech Share Fair on March 26. This event is hosted by Shelby County's very own Adam Watson and is guaranteed to be both fun and informational. His goal is to blow our minds with the innovative possibilities fo classrooms!

· To get your FREE ticket, please visit our Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/edtech-share-fair-spring-2015-tickets-15803660173

· To take a virtual tour of our Edtech Share Fair, explore this Thinglink page: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/626833573361483778

· For a Edtech Share Fair FAQ and a preview of the nine presenters and their tools, see this Smore flyer: https://www.smore.com/dgk17

· Be sure to follow our event hashtag: #scsharefair twitter.com/hashtag/SCsharefair

Where is Mrs. Martin this week? How can we support our students?

Monday - East (student voice surveys)

Tuesday - East ;

  • Wellness night 5:30 - 7
  • Soccer vs. Oldham Co. Girls @ Home; Boys Away

Wednesday - Admin Meeting @ CO all day

Thursday - East

  • Soccer vs. West; Boys @ Home; Girls away

Friday - East - I team meeting day during planning

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