Looking For Alaska

By- John Green

Sarah Dawson- SSR Project

Summary of Looking For Alaska

before- Miles "Pudge" Halter is a kid who is tired of his boring life in Florida, no close friends. His parents decided to send him off to Culver Creek Preparatory School south of Birmingham, Alabama. Where his life is turned upside-down by the seductive, clever, stunning, messed-up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young. She brings him into her world, captures his heart, and changes him forever.

after- Nothing is ever the same.

Why I read it-

I read this book because I had read The Fault in Our Stars (which I recommend also), and greatly enjoyed how John could take such a sad story, and make it positive , he adds humor which greatly lightens the mood. I just love John, he is an amazing writer, and I just wanted to read more of his works.
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Would it be a last good read in a Life or Death situation??

Yes, and No. If it was the only book within my reach at that moment then yes, because it is the only book that I would have, so yes. On the other hand No, because the book is kind of depressing (if you get emotional over books make sure you have tissues near by), so in a depressing situation, then no it would not be a good book to read.
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4 Things I liked

  1. The Characters
  2. The Humor
  3. The Mystery
  4. How it is Structured
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2 Things I disliked

Oh My I don't want to talk about it!

  1. How Depressing it was at the end of the book. (Be Prepared)
  2. How you can predict what is gonna happen next.

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1 Connection I made with the book-

I don't really think I made a huge connection with the story, it was the characters that I some what made a connection with. I connected with Pudge in the way that he wanted to fit in, but this story is out there, so it is hard for me personally to connect with it.
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I would recommend this book! I would recommend it to John Green Lovers, and Nerdfighters (but if you are on of these then you should have already read it ;D ). I wouldn't recommend this book, to people who don't like inappropriate acts, bad language, rude humor/acts, or underage drinking, and Smoking, but thats all not that big of a list.
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How has this book broadened your perspective on the ways of people, your idea about life, culture, teenagers, etc.

This book made me consider the effects of mental illness on teenagers, and how mental illness can affect every part of you. It can make you do stupid things, and make bad decisions based on the emotions that you are feeling at the time of the impulse. What happens in this book made me consider this because of what Alaska does one moment she is fine then she is freaking out without explanation.

Fanmade Trailer- SPOILERS

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