American Football Popularity

Why is football not popular in the rest of the world?

Expansion of Popularity

The NFL (National Football League) is the most popular league for American football in the world. One reason why football is so popular in America, is because the NFL is located in the U.S. They are trying hard to expand their fanbase in all kinds of countries. They are having a game once a year now in London, England. They also opened an office in Mexico City

History of Football could play a factor

In the early 15th century, Football was invented in England. 50-100 people would play on a team and would trample any person who got in the middle of the game. There was no padding, so many people would get injured all the time. Anybody who got injured, was left on the street to die. Because of this happening, the king banned football. This could have played a key role in influencing a major country like England, not to like or play football.
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Expensive Costs for Football

On, the average NFL football stadium costs between $350 million to $1 billion. Most countries economy in the world could not afford something like that. The average NFL team equipment costs $35,775 as well. Because of all the costs, it would be harder to play pickup games of football. Which could make kids throughout the world, lose interest in the sport.

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