Mark Seliger

Kurt Cobain

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Mark was an absolute phylogenetically minded human being. He chose his work with simplicity according to When he is taking the shot he likes to keep the person being photographed act like they are connecting with the camera. Almost like the camera is another person so to speak. He tries very hard to interact with the photo and get the best angle which he can and do his best to bring out the emotions in people. This photo will forever be an iconic photo for rock and roll. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the rock and roll band Nirvana. In the 1990's is when they became famous. At the same time Kurt started using heroine. Finally in 1994 when he lost his mind, he killed himself. This photo is now going down in rock and roll history because it is one of the few good pictures of Kurt showing his true innocent self before the drugs took him over. He was an amazing singer and will forever be remembered. This photo was shot in an studio setting. It was shot at the Park Trades Center on Kalamazoo on Oct. 27, 1993. Kurt Cobain is an iconic leader for all rock and roll around the world. His band nirvana lead a whole wave of rebels through the 1990's showing people what the true meaning of life was. The story of this photo was this was innocent Kurt. Rolling Stones hired Mark to go and capture pictures right before Kurt had to preform at his concert. Kurt explained that he was feeling good before this photo because he got to meet the Meat Puppets and the Boredoms, two of his favorite bands. He took the photos then later preformed.

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Kurt Cobain was a genius when it came to music. His 90's grunge band lead America. I loved this photo because it was up close with Kurt were he actually looked like he was intact and not on drugs. He showed a personal side that he didn't show very often. I think what makes this photo unique is the history behind the photo. Kurt was an absolute tenuous that just lost his mind. Another unique feature is that it's an actual good picture of Kurt. In this photo it is kind of dark and gloomy. I would maybe add a little harsh light to the face to capture all the nicks and crannies of his face. I would maybe even take a step back so you could capture more of his body instead of his head and shoulders. Otherwise this is an amazing photo. Kurt Cobain doesn't have just one personality. He is a rebel, a junky, and a crazy madman. In this photo he sort of looks depressed and he looks tired. He looks like he wants to almost hurt somebody. I think they could have gone for more of his crazy happy self instead of his serious practical look.
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