My Future Classroom

The Ultimate Classroom

iPad's in the Classroom

The first thing that I would want in my classroom would for every student to have their own iPad. Ipad's include so many different apps that provide teachers with an abundance of resources. Right now at the App Store, there are more than 20,000 educational apps for all kinds of learners. Apps such as iBooks is a great app to use in the classroom as it allows you to read and buy books right there on the iPad! Students could easily use this app when they finish an activity or in any free time that they have. There are many other apps like making movies, power-points, slideshows, and many other tools to use that would make very engaging projects.

SMART Boards

Having a SMART Board in my classroom is another tool that I think would help in me becoming an effective teacher. Like an iPad, there are many things that can be done on a SMART Board, they are just more likely to be done as a class. Teachers use these for lecturing because it is so much more engaging for students to learn rather than just looking at writing on a whiteboard. The SMART board is very interactive and has many tools that teachers can use for every part of a lesson, even assessments. Along with my SMART board, I want a SMART document cameras so we can video everything we do in the class.
Students Say Technology Helps In Classroom

Google Docs

One tool that I have gotten to become very familiar with this past year called Google Docs, would be very beneficial to have in a classroom. Especially an older classroom. Google Docs make it so that all students can view the document that you may be showing to the class or presentation by just inviting them to be able to see it. It is a great way to keep students engaged using their iPad's during direct instruction. Google Dos would also be a great tool to use when students are doing group projects because they are all able to work on the same document at the same time. This allows for students to work on their projects from different devices and not have all group members crowded around one computer. It would be a great aspect to include in my future classroom as a regular tool students use for activities and projects. Google docs would also be a good tool for teachers to use when calculating students' progress and keeping track of student records. They are easily held in one place.

Paperless Society

Having all of these technology tools in the classroom not only benefits teachers and students, it also benefits the environment. Think of how many useless worksheets you were given in elementary school and the amount of paper that was used that was not necessary. Think of all the trees we have killed. Using technology such as the examples I have shared will help save our environment tremendously. No more taking time using a copy machine and stapling papers together. Also, no more hauling 20 pound books to class everyday. Students can just carry their iPad's and have everyone of their textbooks on it already. As you can see, technology is changing education faster and faster everyday. Our students are becoming more efficient and experienced with technology and we need to do everything we can to keep up with the generations. This is the only way we will keep these students engaged and interested in what we have to teach them.

I think a Paperless Society is what the future classroom is going to consist of. Technology is becoming a huge aspect in education these days and it is how I imagine my future classroom to be like. I believe using technology will be the most effective tools to use in teaching.