Powerful, Tough, and Winners!

By: Emily Madonia Persuasive Commercial

Hey There Athenian Women!

Athenian women listen up! Don't you want to own your own land? Or to have a good education in arts and athletics? Well you've comed to the right place! This is my home land Sparta! We have the most powerful army in all of ancient Greece! Have you seen how many battles we won, all the victories we get to brag about? Wait, it gets better! The girls are better!

Spartan Women

Own our own land, and get a Education?

Guess what? Us Spartan women get to own our own land! More than 1/3 of it! Do you Athenian women get to own your own land? I know it sounds unfair that we get to own our own land and you don't but WHEN you come to Sparta everything will change!

Here's another one! We get an education in the arts and in athlectics. I know some girls don't get an education by you, but we do! What do you have in Athens? Everyone has something to do after what they REALLY need to get done! Also Us ( girls ) could get a good job and do something we liked, well almosted liked.


Thsi picture shows us that here in Sparta we fight, we're powerful, we're the most powerful military in the whole ancient Greece! Wouldn't you want to live in a city state that wins a lot?

Are we in the house all day?

Athenian women listen up! Unlike you who stays in the house majority of the day, we get to go out and enjoy the life we have. I sure wouldn't like it if I was stuck in the house all day! Doesn't it get boring?

What did we do when we were little?

Us ( Spartan women ) we were taught to protect ourselves when needed. If there we needed to protect oursleves we were ready! While we were learning how to protect ourselves you guys were taught to do house duties.

I know in your society boys rank higher than girls but we do it a bit differently. Us girls particapte in everything the boys get to do. We got to take tests of strength while the guys were taking it. We took pride in our bodies and the ability to do anything that we can do.

Despite you Athenian women you girls were ranked lower. You took pride in your clothes. I think that taking pride in our bodies is way better than clothes!

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