El Carpio

Don´t let it to be a dream, come to Carpio and visit it!

Have a break in our village

Do you like to relax? To do anything? So, come to our village. Or are you bored of always the same routines? Don´t worry, in Carpio you can also make a dull, uninteresting day into a unmissible amazing day or weekend. Firstly, you should know that Carpio is neither a huge or small village, its population is about 1110 aprox. And its distribution is well designed around "La Torre" a small hill.

Stop Staying in the Sofa! You need to visit us!

In this photo you can see... (from the right)

The swimming pool open when the School year ends.
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In this photo you can see...

The Main Square at winter, called "El medio la calle" or "Los jardines" by the inhabitants