Peter The Great

Trey Romain


  • Peter the Great was mostly about what was good for him.
  • Peter the great was very good with parliament which shows a part of his good personality.
  • He wasn't very well educated.
  • Peter the Great spent hours walking on streets writing down the manners that people have.
  • He liked to throw big parties, and expected women and men to dance together.


  • As a 10 year old peter took the throne of Russia in 1682, but he did not take control of the government until 1689.
  • He ended isolation in Russia.
  • As a young leader he improved Russia's Military.
  • Peter the great also expanded Russia's border.


  • Made boyars shave their beards and modernize their clothing.
  • He replaced the old robes with new western styled ones.
  • Any land owning noble had to serve in the military.

Interesting Facts

  • He was an absolute Monarch, and ruled under the idea of absolutism.
  • He expanded Russia's border.
  • He took the throne of Russia at 10 years old.