Tech Tips #2.24

Week of February 23, 2015

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The following lessons/apps allow students to show & describe what they know in their own unique way.

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Examples of Digital Storytelling by Students & Teachers

Yawn Book Spine Poem #3
Puppet Pals 2 Math Problem
How a neuron fires- using the iPad app Puppet Pals
Idioms: What Are They? (Common Core Lesson)
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Lesson Ideas

Apple's Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass Lesson Ideas includes a number of lessons for use in a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Click below to download the iBook on your device.

NOTE: While the book talks specifically about Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass app (paid app), the lesson ideas can be applied using a number of other FREE app options (some listed below in the Get an App section)

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Get an App

The iBook above mentions Puppet Pals HD Director's Cut, which is a paid app in the iTunes App Store. There are other free options for video storytelling apps.

All apps shown below are FREE and do not require an account to use. They are appropriate for all age levels. All of these apps allow you to save your finished video to the iPad Camera Roll, allowing you to share your movie quickly and easily with others.

NOTE: Giving your students options and allowing them to make their own decision on which app they will use to create their story may get them more engaged in the assignment. The list below is a starting point, your students may find other digital storytelling apps that they like better. Allow them to explore!

App Task Challenges by Craig Badura

These challenges will help you and your students get started using these specific apps. See all app task challenges here.

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Take it Further

  • Students can record multiple small videos then use iMovie to edit them into one long video.
  • Students can create graphics and visuals in one app and bring them into their story (may not work with all apps).
  • Students can create videos from each of the apps and edit them together into one using iMovie (example shown below).
Rainforest Animals Speak
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