The DragonLance Chronicles Playlist

A series by Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Overview of the Playlist

The playlist below is in correlation of the DragonLance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margret Weis. It is a series of three books all put into one and it tells the story of eight companions as they are trying to find proof of the Gods of old, figure out the importance of a blue crystal staff, and maybe even save the world.

I am going to use many genre's of music because so many emotions are felt in this book and one genre is just not going to cut it.

Song #1: "Home" By Chris Daughtry


At the very beginning of the three books we meet up with the dwarf Flint Fireforge when he is just getting back to his home town of Solace to meet up with old friends that he has not seen in five years. He is weary and just wants to get to the Inn Of The Last Home to meet his friends. When he is grumbling about the quest that he had just returned from and how he never should have came he runs into his friends Tanis Half-Elven, and Tasselhoff Burefoot who is a lively kender. They are getting ready to head to the inn when they encounter a group of goblins. All they wanted was to come home and so far it is not going as planned.

Song #2: "Magic Power" By Triumph


They meet up at the inn with three others. Sturm Brightblad, and the twins Raistlin and Caramon Majare. Everything is going as planned until Sturm comes in with two barbarians named Goldmoon and Riverwind. Goldmoon caries with her a blue crystal staff that has the ability to heal through the magic of the ancient gods She and Riverwind are trying to find out where it came from and what its significance is.

Song #3: " Simple Man" Lynyrd Skynyrd


This is the song that I picked to represent the character of Tanis. He is our main protagonist in the story and the person that you see go through the most changes within himself. He wants more than anything to just accept what he is (A leader) and be happy but can't seem to figure out what that is. This is very apparent in the story especially when it comes to the two women that he loves, Laurana and Kitiara.

For a period of time he was more in love with Kitiara but never thought that he would see her again. When he does see her again however he realizes that she is the leader of on of the branches of the dragonarmies. Although you think that Tanis would turn away as soon as he hears all of this he lets it sink in that love is part of what he wants so badly for himself that it might just be worth helping the forces of evil to get it. By deciding against it however puts himself and a lot of his friends in very grave danger.

Song #4: "I Will See You Again" Carrie Underwood


Although there is so much more that goes on in this book I am just going to cut it off here. This song represents the death of two of the companions in this book. Flint Fireforge and Sturm Brightblade are killed in this book but for very different reasons. Sturm was killed in the heat of battle by Kitiara. He died doing something honorable. Flint on the other hand died of a heart attack. Although this isn't the same death as Sturm he was a person who died after living a strong honorable life. Tanis keeps telling himself that he will see Sturm and Flint again and will always carrie these two great friends with him.