Monday Message

October 26, 2020


Penny Wars is happening!

Today we kicked off our Penny War! Each morning the students will have time to put bills and pennies in their class jar. They will also be able to put silver coins in other class jars. Silver is negative points, bills and pennies are positive points. Help us raise funds to get a new sound system in our gym! The TOP THREE classrooms with the most points will win a silly string battle Start saving your change—it can make a big difference! Please support us and send those bills and coins to school with your child. Thank You!!

Today we collected $71.00. Let's try to beat that each day. We will have daily updates on our web page.

TREATS: (added to class points)

1 penny = 1 point

1 dollar bill = 100 points

5 dollar bill = 500 points

10 dollar bill = 1,000 points

20 dollar bill = 2,000 points

50 dollar bill = 5,000 points

100 dollar bill = 10,000 points

TRICKS: (subtracted from class points)

1 nickel = 5 points

1 dime =10 points

1 quarter = 25 points


This year we will be celebrating Halloween a little different. There is NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30. Students will be able to dress up in their Halloween costumes on Thursday, October 29. There will be class parties as usual. We are unable to have our parade this year. We still need to wear masks at school, but please do not have your child's eyes covered. We still want to know who they are. :)

Inclement Weather

With the cooler weather comes the need for jackets in the mornings. Please write your child's name inside their coat. There are a lot of very nice, unclaimed coats each year. Remember, we will go outside unless the weather is below 20 degrees, or if it is raining or snowing. Please have your children dress accordingly. Our Cold and Inclement Weather Procedure can be found on our web page under 'Handbook'.

With COVID restrictions we can not have large groups gather in the lobby. On cold mornings (below 32 degrees), please do not bring your child before 8:30 unless they are having breakfast. Breakfast service begins at 8:15 each morning. Teachers will have their classrooms open for students at 8:30 on these cold days.

Up-Coming Events


10/29: End of Term 1, Parent Conferences via zoom

10/29: Celebrate Halloween at School - students may dress up

10/30: No School

11/3: Picture re-take day

11/13: No Pre-School

11/19: School Community Council 3:00 Conference Room

11/25-27: No School Thanksgiving Break