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~ Hawley Newsletter ~ February 11, 2018 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians,

Here's What's Happening at Hawley.......

  • PTA International Dessert Night is THIS Tuesday evening, 6:00-7:30 PM. Join us for an evening of desserts and activities from around the world. Still room so walk-ins are accepted and volunteers are still needed. Contact Laura Brennan (brennanla@hotmail.com) for more information.
  • The PTA is considering a possible donation to Hawley School for the purchase of items requested by staff and students. There is a special PTA Meeting being added to discuss and vote on items as well as an opportunity to ask budget questions. It will be Wednesday, 2/21 at 4:00 PM in the library with child care available in the gym. We hope that you can join us.
  • Our next security drill will be a Lock Down. It will occur at the end of the month (week of the 19th). More information will follow as we get closer.
  • Click HERE for the monthly Nutrition Newsletter from Whitsons.
  • I would strongly suggest all Husbands/Fathers make sure there is some sort of acknowledgement/recognition planned for THIS Wednesday (2/14). Whether it be candy, flowers, food preparation/purchase, anything except "that's today?" Simply my humble $.02

Absences and Sickness

This appeared in the last Newsletter but I am keeping it in as it certainly is worth a second read. Your appreciation and support is most welcomed, contact me with any questions.....

As I am sure you have seen and heard, the flu season is turning into a bad one. PLEASE keep students home that are sick to avoid the spread of germs to others. This includes adults visiting the building (volunteering, pick-ups, etc.)- if sick, please cancel or reschedule.

We will be taking advantage of all warm weather to open windows and will continuously disinfect door knobs, handrails, desks, staff, etc.


The absence letters that go home are form letters and are generated based solely on a number to inform parents of the amount of absences incurred. As per State law, the first 9 are at the parents discretion without explanation. After 9, to be an excused absence, documentation is required, so we send home the letters.

As I have stated at Open House, in my Principals's Message and numerous What's Happening Newsletters, this is not a cause for alarm. If I have a concern with the number of a student's absences, I will contact the family personally.

You can click HERE for the State Guidelines/Statutes.If you have any further questions please feel free to give me a call.

3rd Grade Chorus

Mr. Nanavaty is beginning 3rd grade chorus. Just like Mr. K, it is an optional, BEFORE school program. The program is Thursday mornings, 8:15-8:50 AM. It is a commitment and not an attend periodically scenario. He will be sending home more detailed information if he has not done so already.

Please note that if there is a delayed opening on the morning of a chorus rehearsal, the rehearsal is CANCELLED.

Hawley Celebration of Learning

The PTA Cultural Arts Committee arranged a terrific, well-received performance for Hawley students. Singer/songwriter, Grammy-nominated artist, Alastair Moock is an incredible soul with this really bluesy, raspy voice who is very passionate about music, social justice and children. He came for 2 shows:
  • Playing with Tradition for K-2
  • Music and Social Change for grades 3-4
Thank you to Erin Masotta and the PTA for bringing Alastair to Hawley.

Dates to Remember

*Tues, 2/13: International Dessert Night, 6-7:30 pm

*Mon/Tues, 2/19-2/20: NO SCHOOL: Presidents Day Break

*Wed, 2/21: PTA Meeting, 4:00 PM, Library (child care available in the gym)

*Mon, 2/26: District Kindergarten Evening (for 2018-2019 new K students). Click HERE for more information.

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Funny Bones

Big picture

Out of the Mouths of Babes........

Mr. M approached a line of 2nd graders in the hallway.

"What did you all like about the Super Bowl?" Mr. M asked

"It was an exciting game" said one child

"The commercials!" added another

"That Tom Brady shared his trophy with the Eagle."