End the War Now

And for What?

What is happening to the men in WW1 is frightening. In the poem Dulce Et Decorum, descriptive images of the horror of the men are going through is true. The speaker describes how the men are treated like animals. Bloody and crippled. Men being gassed, and some not making it to their masks in time. Drowning in gas. Men choking on their own fluids. These men are being tortured. And for what? Fourteen miles of land? Ask the italians, thats what they got after loosing many, many men.

Waste of What Could Have Been

So many people were killed. Ten millions deaths, twenty million casualties. Think of all the art that we could have had. The people killed in the war could have left a creative , happy fingerprint on the world rather then a sad and depressing print. A waste of talent.

Facts on Facts on Facts

9, 000, 000 men died in the war.

In 1918, over 1,000,000 soldiers died.

Shell Shock made the men go mentally insane, blind and deaf.

One in three people had shell shock.

Rats grew to be abnormally large because they fed off of the dead men.

Civilians were attacked by soldiers.

Countries blocked out other countries food source. Due to this people starved to death.