October 13, 2015


Join us in participating in our first project of the year! We will be making a Sensory Wall and are asking each family to make a panel. A Sensory Wall is just a wall filled with items that have an interesting feel or texture to them. There is no stress on the due date for the project, but ideally, we would like to have this complete by November 2nd. Here is what you need to do:

1. Check your child's backpack- they will be bringing home a cardboard square for you to use.

2. Feel things around the house and have your child decide on a favorite "feel." They may like the feel of something smooth like dry beans or marbles, or something soft like feathers or pom-poms, or even something scratchy like sand paper or shells.

3. Help your child glue that favorite feeling item to their cardboard square. Once it is dry, bring it to us and we will take care of the rest!

Some hints: It will probably work better if the whole square is covered with the same type of item. If your child REALLY wants more than one texture, we can always add another square! Pick something inexpensive or better yet, FREE! You will want to pick an item that you have plenty of to cover the whole square. Go on a nature walk and see what you can find/feel. Or, when shopping, take the time to stop and feel the many textures around us.

Needing more inspiration? Check these out:

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Important Dates

October 16: Library Day (Please send your child's book in their backpack.)

October 21: Holiday Pictures

October 23: PTA Fun Run Fundraiser 6:00-7:30 pm

October 26-30: Fall Book Fair

October 29: Hallo-Read & PTA Trunk or Treat (more info to come)

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