El Greco

By: Payton McCauley


El Greco was born between 1541 in in kingdom of candia


El Greco spent most of his life in toledo spain making paintings,sculptures,and being an aritech


El Grecco spent most of his time he was in school training to be a master


Greco lived a style of a artist and he believed that grace was the supreme quest of art


El Greco was a painter,sculptor,and an architech and a few of the things he made were

.View of toledo

.the adoration of the sheperds overall

.saint jerome as scholar


a few of El Greco's patrons were

.Eugene Delacroix

.Edouard Manet

View of toledo

When was it made

View of toledo was painted in 1541 by El Greco in kingdom of candia

Where can you see it

you can find the painting in the metropolitan museum of art in New York City


There was not really anything significant about the painting in technique he use it was just oil on canvas

Why i like it

I personally like the painting because i have always wanted to visit toledo and because i really like the colors on the painting because it gives a dark almost creepy feel to it and i think that is really cool

What it represents

I think out of all the ism's it represents it would be HUMANISM because the painting was his idea and it was based off of his opinion on toledo and apparently he thought it was pretty dark