Week Three of Camp

Greeting Parents,

The campers enjoyed their first field trip this summer to the movie theatre. Some of them were more excited to ride the bus than to watch the movie.

I am happy to see that they play and work cooperatively together in class projects. While what we covered thus far might be a revision for some of the campers and new material for some, all of them have shown progress in adapting to the class, the rules, and our daily learning routine.

I have seen overall improvement in their writing and handwriting as well as improvement in their pace in completing assignments.

I am eager to see how they'll develop academically by the end of summer.
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American Flag Pretzel

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts


  • Letters( G,J,H,I): The campers learned (G,J,H,I)) sounds.

2. Writing

  • They completed phonics exercises on their phonics.
  • They practiced writing upper and lowercase letters of (G,J,H,I) on their journals and practiced far-point copying from the board by writing words with these initial letters.

3. Listening

  • They detected words with the initial letters above after listening to the following stories read to them: ( Alphatales: Gorilla, Be Good , Aphatales: Jaguar's Jungleberry Jamboree, Alphatales: Hide and Seek Hippo, and Alphatales: Iguana on Ice)

4. Reading

  • Sight Words: (go, up, for, one, you)
  • They wrote previously learned sight words on their white bords.


1. Numbers( 21-30)

  • The campers recognized numbers 21-30
  • They compared numbers using >,<. and =.
  • They practiced sequencing numbers on math worksheets.

2. Graphing

  • They distinguished between bar graphs and picture graphs
  • They graphed ( bar graph & picture graph) based on the data collected ( e.g. numbers of boys and girls in the class, favorite fruit...etc)
  • They completed graphing worksheets.


Creating a Kite

  • They made a paper Kite using construction paper
  • They colored the kite in a pattern
  • They tried to tie a knot on the attached string of the kite

Engineering/ Team building

Car Race:

  • They made cars from Legos and taped a balloon after inflating it.
  • After letting go of the balloon, they watch how fast their car went.
  • They tried to predict why the car models they made did not move


1. Rocket Airflow:

  • After coloring and cutting a rocket picture, the campers attached a straw to the back of the rocket
  • They used a smaller straw to blow throw the bigger straw
  • They watched how far their rocket can go.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment:

  • Using a funnel, they poured baking soda into a balloon
  • They poured vinegar into an empty plastic bottle
  • They attached the balloon to the bottle and observed the reaction between the baking soda and vinegar.


They made a red, white, and blue pretzel using vanilla icing, decorating gel, and blue sprinkles.

Fun in the Sun

Science(Airflow Through a Rocket)

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Baking Soda & Vinegar Experiment


1.Black or Blue folder:

  • The blue or black folder is in your child's cubby or backpack.
  • If your child did not attend camp today ( Friday) or left early, he/she will get his/her folder the following Friday.
  • Please return the black or blue folder by Monday

2. Field Trip:

  • We are going on a field trip Laser Tag on Thursday, July 14th
  • Please dress your child in the summer camp shirt
  • The campers can bring cash to play in the arcades.
  • Cash should be in Ziplock bag labeled with the caper's name.

Writing Sight Words

Lego Car Race