By: Josh Gole

About The Islam Religion

The god of the Islamic religion is called Allah. The common figure is Abraham. The holy book in this religion is the Koran (there are revelations in this book and this book also teaches you that there is either salvation(Heaven) or damnation(Hell).

The key beliefs are the Five Pillars which is belief, prayer, charity, fasting(not eating), and pilgrimage(to Mecca). The practices and rituals(sacraments) are also the Five Pillars.

Muslims(followers of the Islamic religion) worship in a Mosque. The worship leader(and prayer leader) is called an Imam.

The sects in the Islamic religion are Sunni and the Shi'i.

Some Holy Days that are a part of this religion are: Ramadan(fasting or not eating for thirty days) and the Annual Hajj(the annual pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, which is also considered as one of the Five Pillars.)(Muslims are required to make the journey once throughout their lifetime if they are able to.).

Mecca is a common holy site where Muslims worship.

God is important in the Islamic religon!