The Watsons Go To Birmingham

Dear Mrs.Miller,

I just finished the Watsons Go To Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis. This is a great bookand I would definently recommend it for young adults and teenagers to read it. It can help people understand how it is living in the South during discrimination and segrigation. Kenny is the son of two and has a brother and a sister. The brothers name is Byron and the sisters name is Joey or Joetta, Byron being the oldest, Kenny being the middle child, and joey being the youngest. A lot goes on in the Watsonm familys life, from going to alabama, Byron saving Kenny from the whoo pool, to church bombings. It is crazy that things could happen so quick. The book is a great awardwinning read and very unique and interesting.

This unique book is historical fiction. The genre connects to my book because things happened during discrimination and segrigation, like the bombing of the church by kkk, the marches, and on the news. Being that it is historical fiction, the book comes very close in contact to real life. In the past, segrigation used to happen and it was just very unnessesary. People just used to argue and different things th defeat the purpose of peace. That is why in the book, the kids leave skip school to march so that evryone would be equal.

I can make connections to this book based on the things that I have learned and read. These things that take place in the book happen and real life and there isn't anything fake about it. Terrible things happen like bombings and marches, I can relate to the things that I see on the news and I think that it isn't right. I can also connect to Kenny, because he is usually by himself and he is just a different kid. He doesn't like to do the same things as other people he likes to be his own unique person. I advise one to read this award winning book because you can learn new things and connect to things in the book.

Sincerely, Iain