Tabcco Whako


Physical affacts

1. can cause bad breath

2. can cause colon cancer

3. ages skin faster than normal

4. can makes hands yellow

Social affects

1. can turn your family against you

2. it could affect other people

3. you can loose your original friends

4. people won't like the smell that's on you

Mental affects

1. you can become depressed

2. you can become lazy

3. you will want more and more

4. you will feel drawn to it

tabacco whako

Tobacco is bad for your health. It causes colon cancer. It also makes the skin age faster. Because you smoke people won't want to be around you. It can also turn your family against you. Because you smoke you will feel drawn to it. It can also make you think you cant live without it. It can make you loose your squad.
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