Ganges River

Located in India


  • Starts in Bangledesh and flows to Himalayas to Bay of Bengal
  • Took 12 years to build Upper Ganges Canal
  • Largest irrigation system when it opened in 1854
  • Supplies 500 miles of irrigation channels with water


  • Water source
  • One of the most fertile agricultural regions
  • Rice feeds hundreds of millions of people in India and Bangladesh
  • Food shortages due to dry season sometimes causing famines


  • Ganges is the holiest rivers in Hinduism
  • Hindus believe it is life-giving River and call it Mother Ganges
  • Believe bathing in water will wash away their sins
  • Take pilgrammages to different areas of Ganges
  • Hindus believe that if they die by the Ganges their sins will be forgiven and they will go straight to heaven

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