Tennis Court Resurfacing

Starting Tuesday April 12th, 2022

Please be patient as we close the upper courts for resurfacing

  • Southeastern Tennis Association will begin resurfacing the upper courts after the Ladies ALTA match on Tuesday April 12th, 2022.
  • They hope to be done with resurfacing on Saturday April 16th
  • If you had reservations on the upper courts(during the time of resurfacing), your reservations have been moved to the lower courts.
  • The 2 nets on the upper courts will be replaced.
  • Windscreens on the upper courts will also be replaced.
  • Lower courts will be done next week, but we will update with information about their closure as soon as we have it.

Red Oak should be finishing the transition tomorrow

If you have a tote that needs to be picked up, please leave it out with your trash tomorrow with a sign saying "Return to Red Oak". If there are any further issues after Tuesday please email me on Wednesday at We will do one more round since last week was Spring Break, but after this, please contact Red Oak directly with any issues.

Red Oak number: 770-536-7868.

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