Internet Safety

Learn How To Be Safe Online

Here Are Some Videos, Pictures, and Words That Will Help You Be Safe On The Internet

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'Cyberspace' Rap about STOP. THINK. CONNECT. and Online Safety

1. Be Nice On The Internet

Remember The Golden Rule

Treat Others How You Want To Be Teated

Think Before You Type

Would You Say It To There Face
Golden Rule

2. Know What You Are Doing

Do Not Open Something From A Person That You Don't Know

1. It Could Be Inappropriate.

2.It Could Be Something Mean.

3.It could Cause A Virus

Lurk Before You Leap

Do What You Would Do In Front Of An Adult.

1.Don't Watch Inappropriate Videos.

2.Don't Post Inappropriate or Mean Videos or Text.

3.Someone Can Tract It To Your Computer Or Device And Arrest You.

3. Make Yourself Look Good, Online

Mabe You Wanted A Job That You Think Is Awesome.

They Check What You Have On The Internet.

So Be Smart And Look Good On The Internet

Oversharing - Digital Citizenship

Here's A Video That Will Help You To Be Smart And Look Good.

4. Respect Other Peoples Time

People Are Busy

People are busier than ever. They don't have time to mess around.

So don't be an over poster. That is a person that shares ever single

thing they do.

For Example: I just pored my cereal. Now I took a bite. Now i'm done with my cereal.

So Be Respectful Of Peoples Time.

5. Don't flame

Flaming Is Not Nice

Flaming is when you are really mean or rude to someone.

Flaming can cause hard feeling and can create problems.

Stop Bullying and stop the bully anti bullying project by the flaming pony

6. Know What To Do When Being Flamed

If You Are Being Flamed

1. Tell a parent or a trusted adult.

2. Don't respond.

3. Stay calm.

4. Delete or block them.

7. Respect Other Peoples Privacy

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"Respect Other People's Privacy with Netiquette" by | @Grovo

8. Be Forgiving

People Make Mistakes

1.People aren't Perfect

2. Sometimes people say mean things.

3. But most times they apology.


1. If they say sorry and really mean it, accept it.

2. You don't want to hold a grunge it's bad for you.

9. Help People Out

Older People

1.Sometimes older people don't know what there doing on the internet.

2. They can do something there not suppose to


1.You can Help Them.

2. Teach them what to do and what not to do.

3. Then you can help them be safe online

10. Just Be Plain Safe


If you just follow rules 1-10 You will be safe on the internet
Netiquette with Tim and Moby