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A couple of weeks in...

No shortness of fun around these parts! We are 13 days into the school year and we already have 2 out of our mandatory 3 fire drills/alarms completed! Once again, I applaud your ability to keep calm during the alarms which had a positive effect on our students. We have one more mandatory drill to complete with the fire department as observers. There is a strong chance that we conduct another drill without their participation so we can practice after initiating some changes.

Curriculum Night was a great success. Thank you for welcoming families into your classrooms and taking the time to explain your expectations of their children this school year. This was your opportunity to set the foundation for successful school year with your families. I received great feedback from parents about each night.

The Ice Cream Social took place this past week. It was great to see our staff serving ice cream to the children and interacting with families.

This week is another busy week here at Lincoln. Those events and dates are outlined below for review.

Have a great short week with your students!


Duties This Week...

Team: Tigers

1st Grade Door-Jenny Swerdlik

K Playground-Beth Anderson

South Playground-Karen Ringas, Cynthia Heilingoetter

5th Grade Door-Shannon Worcester

After School Duty-Sarah Sheldon

Dates Worth Noting:

9/8-CATSS Meeting @1230pm

9/9-Staff Meeting

9/10-Learning Environment Team Meeting

9/11-SIP Team Meeting @ 8am

9/11-DuPage County Health Department visiting Kindergarten

9/11-September 11th Rememberance

9/15-Class Picture Day

A Little Reminder Of Who We Are Named After

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September Birthday's

Susan Clark-8th

Bea McGuire-14th

Christine Chestnut-18

Lindsey Good-18

Meghann Ferguson-29