Secret Life of Bees

by: Sue Monk Kidd

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1. "I want to say they showed up like the angle Gabriel appearing to the Virgin Mary," (ch 1, pg. 2)

Response 1: This quote is basically saying that the event of the bees are like the scene in the bible that changed the Virgin Mary's Life. The point of this book was to show that scene of Lily and explained her past and how it affected her in the future like how the past of Mary changed her future.

2. "I felt half the I was impersonating a girl instead of being a real one." (ch1, pg. 9)

Response 2: This quote summarized her as being self-conscience about herself and that she does care about her image. Along with that, it does seem like she is an outcast for that reason in her mind.

3. "At first it was just a spot to hide from T. Ray and his meanness or from the memory of that afternoon when the gun went off,..." (ch1, pg. 14)

Response 3: She using the memory of her mother as a way to escape because she does not view T. Ray as a father and the just the sight of her mother or her possessions give her comfort and love that will allow her to pull through the emotional abuse that T. Ray gives to her.

John Rowland