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Hermes (Greek)

Mercury (Roman)

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Hermes is the messanger god, it was his duty to guide the souls of the dead to the underworld. He was also closely connected with bringing dreams to mortals. Hermes is also the second youngest of the Olympian gods, and he is the protector of travelers, shepherds, and thieves.

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Father- Zeus

Mother- Maia


  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Apollo
  • Artemis
  • Aphrodite
  • Dionysus
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  • the Muses
  • the Graces


  • Pan
  • Hermaphroditus
  • Tyche
  • Abderus
  • Autolycus
  • Angelia
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Hermes follows the archetype of a trickster. He was frequently portrayed to be witty and charming, but also a liar and a thief. Even as an infant, Hermes showed signs of these traits. One time Hermes crawled away from Mount Cyllene and stole some of Apollo's cattle, and cleverly disguised their tracks. Some versions of the myth say that he put shoes on their feet, while some other verisons say that he made the cattle walk backwards.


  1. Automobile brand: Mercury- Mercury is an automobile brand of the Ford Motor Company launched in by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford. The name "Mercury" is named the god in Roman mythology because of the cars great performance.
  2. Astronomy: Planet Mercury- Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in our solar system. It is also the smallest, and its orbit is the most unusual. It orbits the Sun once in about every 88 Earth days, completing three rotations about its axis for every two orbits. The planet got its name from the Roman god Mercury (Hermes), because of the planet's swift motion and quick rotations. The symbol it uses is also the same as the symbol used to represent the god Mercury.
Hermes: Messenger of the Greek Gods