My Grandma is My Hero

a part of her life...

Why She's My Hero

My Grandma has always been there for me. Either when I'm happy or sad she helps me out and there is no way that I could thank her enough. In the past she has taken care of people so I decided to ask her about why she did, did she like it , would she change here decision if she could? Here are the answers....

Question 1: What inspried you to take care of other people?

Answer: "I just love to take care of people."

Question 2: What were some of your memories from taking care of people?

Answer:" There's too many to tell you. If I were to tell you all you'd have a novel."

Question 3: About how many people did you take care of?

Answer: "Honestly I lost count, I did have a lot."

Question 4: Were there any strange things/struggles along the way?

Answer: Yes I do but the one at the top of my head is when one of my foster kids stole some stuff from some people. He ended up having to work for them for about a month or so.

Question 5: Are you glad you toke care of people? Why or Why not?

Answer: "Yes because I've learned different lessons I use daily now."

A Little Bit More

As I said my grandma has always been there for me, and I know her very well. Now I know a little bit more.

By: Hanna.P