Project 5

American Force Rim

Software Used:

In this project we used a total of 3 different software's along the duration of this project. The first software we used was Inventor, this was the first and longest step of the project. In this software you can create 3D models to be printed out, with super good detail and accuracy. The second software you need to use is 123Dmake, with this software you load your 3D image in to show how it needs to be created in pieces. This software also shows how many sheets you will have, and how it looks when it's done. The third software you will use is Adobe Illustrator, this program is used to take off the numbers, and dots added by 123Dmake, this is so the numbers and dots don't get cut out on your project. This software is also where you will change the stroke color to red, and the thickness to 0.072 to make proper cuts.

Machine Used:

The machine we use is the Universal Laser Systems laser engraver/cutter. To cut your material you load the project onto the computer in a cutting program, and set the height of the laser. You then load the cardboard in and push play.


The cost of this project was reasonably cheap. In total I used 4 sheets of cardboard, each piece costs $0.60 for a grand total of $2.40. I had one screw up piece so in total I ended up spending $3.00 on this project.

Why This Is Desirable:

This project is very desirable, since I made a rim I could show how the finished rim could look. Scaling a rim down, and designing it in a cad program makes it possible to have a very detailed finished result. The process I used would be the second step in a design phase of creating a new rim or invention.


Some obstacles that I faced during this project were mostly in the design process. Making important details were not easy, being new to the cad program made somethings that I wanted to do tough and time consuming. Time management was important, but I wanted my final project to be perfect. Some other obstacles were in the building portion of this project. My letters were to small to be cut out so I couldn't add them to the final project. Also stacking my project at the end of the project was tough to figure out the order of each of the pieces.

What I'm Proud About:

I'm proud of how my project turned out. The time I spent working on it was well worth how the final piece turned out. Overall I am most proud of myself for learning to use all of these new softwares, and having the ability to use them with proper skill and knowledge.