Grant Wood

51 Years

History of Grant Wood

He was born on February 13, 1891 in Anamosa Iowa. He died in February 12 1942, Iowa city, Iowa. Periods of his time was regionalism and social realism. Grant wood had one sibling, his name was Nan Wood Graham. Grant got his education at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He graduated from Washington HIgh School. After he graduated he went to teach in a one room school house. From 1920-1928 he made four trips to Europe, where he studied many styles of painting. The main ones that he studied was impressionism and post-impressionism.

Art Movements that Grant Wood was involved in.

He was in the art movement of regionalism. Wood was associated with the American Movement of regionalism that was primarily situated in the midwest. Wood was one of the three artist most involved in this movement. Wood's work was marketed through Associated American Artists in New York for many years. Wood is considered the patron artist of Cedar Rapids, and his childhood country school is depicted on the 2004 Iowa State Quarter.

My Favorite Painting

I choose this as my favorite picture because it reminds me of my farm that we have. I think that this picture has awesome value in it. It really makes everything pop out to you and show you the effects and what it would really look like in real life. I think that the lines that he has drawn in his paintings are just amazing. It looks like he does not try to make them look perfect and match every single one. He took his time but make it look good and that's what I like about it. All his colors that he has blend very well and make the picture look like a older photo. He used a very different amount of browns, greens, and a little bit of yellow. The shapes of his hills and trees look like real. To me they look like how trees and hills would look like from a view above them.