By: Andrew Ochoa

Where did the Vikings come from?

  • The Vikings came from Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
  • The name Viking comes from the language called Old Norse which means pirate raid.
  • People that were raiding ships were called Vikings.
  • The Viking Age was between 700 A.D. to 1100 A.D.
  • During this time the Vikings left Scandinavia and went to Ireland and Britain.

Where did the Vikings settle?

  • Some Viking ships brought families to Britain in search of farm lands.
  • Most Vikings settled in Northern Scotland and Eastern England.
  • Vikings ruled Northern Scotland.

What are Vikings well known for?

  • The Vikings are known for having many battles with the English.
  • In 793 AD the Vikings attacked Northumbria, in north-east England.
  • The Vikings are known for using axes when they are in a battle.
  • In 866 AD they captured York.
  • They captured king Edmund of East Anglia and shot him dead with arrows.

What happened to the Vikings?

  • Through the Viking Age there were plenty of battles between the Vikings and English. In the ninth century king Alfred stopped the Vikings from taking over all of England. In the tenth century the English reconquered most of their land back. In 954 AD the English drove out Eric Bloodaxe, the last Viking of Jorvik. After Eric died in battle the Vikings agreed with the English to be ruled by England's king and this was the last of the Vikings.