5 themes smore Isle Of Skye

The 5 themes smore Isle Of Skye

The location

The Isle Of Skye is located in the west coast of Scotland, with many scottish clans located where it is, like the MacDonald clan.


It is very similar to a lot of the other places that are in Scotland, because it is usually around the same temperature in most of Scotland. They Scottish speak English, but have a bur.


The Isle Of Skye is similar to other areas nearby because they are all located in Scotland, making them Scottish, a lot of wars have happened in different areas, making some areas barren.


People mostly move here/go here to see the scenery like the MacDonald castle, or the Campbell castle, they can also see where all the other clan castles are located at, making a wonderful scenery.

Human-Environment interaction

The people of Scotland hunt animals, have farms, cut trees, and even more to hurt the environment, making it a beauteous place, but also making it so that the animals have no where to go, without being hunted, and skinned for their pelts or more.