China Brochure

By Vania Bollwahn

China Geography

  • China is the 3rd largest country in the world behind Russia and Canada.
  • China is made up of lowlands and fertile foot hills.
  • China's landmass is 9.6 million km2
  • 33% of China is mountainous.
  • 26% of China is plateaus.
  • 10% of China is hills.
  • 19% of China is basins.
  • Shishapangma is the highest peak in China.
  • 14.86% of China's land is arable.
  • China's eastern side is bordered by sea and bodies of water.

7 Element of Culture

Chinese culture

  • Language: There is over 70 languages in China. Mandarin is the official language in China.
  • Government: Chinese government is a peoples republic. The president is the head of government.
  • Economic systems: China's GDP per capita is $9100. About half of China's income is on agricultural products although only 1/10th of the land is arable.
  • Arts and Literature: Traditional Chinese acts include poetry, calagraphy, potery, etc Theaters are well attended in urban areas.
  • Religion: Government policies allows Chinese people to exercise religious beliefs with guidelines. Taoism is the only Chinese born religion.
  • Social organizations: Mass organizations are and important component of the political life in China. China has about 2000 national social organizations.
  • Customs and Traditions: Zodiac signs are a big part of Chinese customs and traditions. Chinese culture is the oldest culture in the world.

Data Based Questions

1. According to the graph below, what gender typically lives the longest?

2.What is the average age for people to live up to in China?

Big image

China and Japan Differences and Similarities.


1.China has a government guideline on religious practices. Japan does not. In japan you can be any religion you please to be.

2.Mandarin is China's official language while Japanese is Japan's.

3.Japan has a small population while China's is pretty big.

4.China has 2 national sports (ping pong and martial arts) and Japan only has one.(sumo wrestling)

5.Japan is an Island and China only has water on its eastern side.

6.Literacy rate in China is 91% and in Japan it is 99%.

7.China is much bigger landmass than Japan.

8.Japan'c currency is the Yen and in China it is the Yuan.

9.Beijing is China's capital city and Tokyo is Japan's.

10.Shanghai is Chinas biggest city and Tokyo is Japan's.


1.Both countries are in the continent Asia.

2.Both languages use symbols rather than letters.

3.Both countries have the Buddhist faith.

4.Both of the countries had British come to try and open for trade.

5.Both countries have modernized very fast and very much.