Battle of Bennington

By Sarah banta


The Battle of Bennington was important because it was one more American Victory! The Battle took place close to Bennington Vermont but was actually in New York. The Battle started on August 16,1777. The Americans General was John stark. He was a big part of the American Victory! Burgoyne led his army down lake chamlain and captured many American forts. The Battle of Bennington was an important battle of the revolutionary war!

The Battle of Bennington

Here are insteresting facts about the Battle of Bennington

~the Battle started on August 16, 1777

~John stark was the Americans General

~207 people killed

~0 wounded

~700 captured

There now you know a little bit about what is going on.

Bennington Battle digrees

Most of the time it was cold, like very cold but that's why all of those men war a big coat or they just sat there in the cold.

the Settings and Dates

The Battle of Bennington is something for you to look at! The Battle took place clock to Bennington Vermont but was actually in New York. The Battle it self started on August 16,1777. The time the Battle started was 3:00pm. Most of the things that were on there segues were on August 16,1778 Bennington Battle day (Sunday). On August 17, 1783 Bennington Battle day observed (Friday). If you like Battles then the Battle of Bennington is something cool for you to look at.

The Americans and Generals

The Americans General was John stark. He was born on August 28,1728 in nut field New Hampshire. John stark prepared to attack the British on August 16, 1777 at dawn. The Americans captured 4 guns and many small arms. The Americans took the British by suprize, and attacked them with no notice the 800 Americans came in contact with the British and they were led by Cohn stark. If you are in to things like Battles then I'm glad you read this.

The British and Generals

So many things to know about the British Generals and there but here's a few more things to know. 207 people were killed in from the British and 0 wounded 700 captured, -80 degrees Fahrenheit cloudy rain and thunderstorm the force was 1,400 outside. The amount of people killed is 207 also Fred bom and Generals. For the British Is John Burgoyne, size 650 his army went down lake champane and captured American forts. They needed supplies they collected a lot things to bring back to there forts.

Burgoyne died on on 8-4, 1792 the Americans attacked at dawn after two unsuccessful battles Bom serenderd the British understated the Americans! Now you know a lot about the British and Generals


The reason of the Americans Battle of Bennington was really importent because it was one more American voctory. On August 16, 1777 the Americans won a big battle, the Battle of Bennington. The Americans John stark was his name he led his army to make the Americans victory. The British, at the same time the British was led down by lake champagne to try to capture the American forts. That's why it was an important day because the Battle of Bennington won the Revulsionary War.


CHAPANE~ a name of a lake near were the American forts were

VOCTORY~ someone or something they wins something (suck as a war)

GENERALS~ a person or thing in charge of one another




Battle of Bennington