Matt Lefforge Chandler Bryan Nathan Green

What did Sumerians create?

  • Wheel
  • Sail Boat
  • Dikes (man-made trench)
  • Copper Tool
  • Wheeled Vehicles

Advantages and disadvantages of Mesopotamia

  • Flooding
  • Natural resources are very limited

  • Provided water and crops with irrigation systems
  • Build walls with bricks for defense
  • Traded with people from the mountais for stuff they need

Artifacts and maps

Sumerian empire

  • The Sumerians had over 3000 settlements
  • They had many different types of rulers ruling each individual cities
  • They governed them selves with rulers called Rajas

Type of Civilization

They were not nomadic they built a huge civilization and we're mostly pointed towards farming. Although they sounded mostly peaceful they were so large they were able to conquer some smaller civilizations with their power.

Important Dates (All dates are in B.C.

2750- Gilgamesh rules Uruk

2550- Mesalim rules Kish

2375- Lugalgezi unites Sumer for a brief time.

1720- Flood of the Nile River to destroy some cities and villages of Sumer

1515- Hittite raid of Sumer disrupts unity of Sumer completely.