How to Become a President

of the United States

Be a natural born citizen

Be born in the US or on a US military base

Be at least 35 years old

Wait untill even after age 35 because people would want a president with a little more political, and public speaking experience

Be a US resident for 14 years

That means that to be a president people have to live within the US boarders for 14 years in a row


Members select the best candidate through a series of discussions and votes. To win this people should have good campaign. Candidates should be genuine.


Members vote for the best candidate to represent them in the general election. To win this portion again you should have a very good campaign, and be genuine. Candidates should make sure people know what they stand for. Candidates should also represent for the people.

National Convention

At this step candidates should pick their Vice President and people also have to spend loads of money to campaign.

General election

People vote for one President and Vice President. When people vote they vote for a group of people known as electors.

Electoral Collage

Each state gets a certain number of votes and the candidate to get more than half (270) wins and becomes president. People should have a good campaign. Also candidates should know what the people want and represent for them.


The new President and Vice President are inaugurated in January