Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

How myths and symbolism have impacted modern culture.

Introduction to Greek Mythology in The Modern World

Greek mythology has impacted modern culture in more ways than you know. For example did you know that the company Nike's name is based off of the Greek goddesses of victory Nike. There are things all around you that are tied to Greek mythology that you haven't even noticed.

Brief History of Why Greek Mythology Was Created

The people of Greece created Greek mythology to explain something that was unexplainable to them for example if there was a flood that caused great distraction they would say that the god Poseidon was angry at them to explain the flood.

Brand Name Based off of Mythology

There are thousands of other brands that are names are based off of Greek Mythology like Amazon and Pandora. There are even words that we use based of of Greek mythology like cloth, atlas, chronologically, and more.