To Wax To Crayons

By: Savanh Daovan


Have you ever wonder where crayons are made or come from?Well make sure you read this so you can now where crayons are made or come from.


Crayons are made from primarily paraffin wax and color pigment.The paraffin from petroleum companies.The pigment are natural or manmade.The materials are sent to the factory by trains or railroad cars in tanks of clear,gooey wax.


In the factory crayons go in a meshen that molds the crayons and some other meshens holds the crayons when they are down with them.When the crayons are down they rap them. And the crayons go to the store.


When the crayons are down they deliver crayons to the store so people can buy the crayons. Crayons go to stores because so people can use it. They buy it for school and homes. People buy crayons for school and homes because they use them for coloring and righting.

Fun Facts

Crayons can be taken anywhere like trips,addventrers,and vacation. Some kids don't now that there parents work at a crayon place. If you want to work at crayala your dreams had come true. I think crayala is the best crayon making place ever because if kids didiet have color they wood be misserbol but thanks to crayala kids are happy. Because thanks to crayala


Now you know how crayons are made.
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