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What are Nebulae?

Nebulae are forms of giant clouds of dust and other space particles that can be from millions of miles big to light years big.

What kinds of Nebulae are in the galaxy?

There are plenty of Nebulae in the galaxy. To start it off there are Emission Nebulae, Dark Nebulae, Reflection Nebulae, Planetary Nebulae, etc. The most popular Nebula is an Emission Nebulae.

How do Nebulae form?

Nebulae form from gravitational collapse in the interstellar medium. An interstellar Medium (ISM) is the matter that exists in space between the stars in the galaxy. They can also be formed from collapsed stars. When stars collapse they basically die out. Stars collapsing can cause things such as a Black Hole, or a Nebula. Most of the time it will cause a black hole. But will it rarely create a small Nebulae.
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These are pictures of one of the most famous Nebulae known. This is the Nebulae Orion. It is 1,344 light years away from earth and is said to be 3 million years old. It is so big that one side is a purplish color, then the other side is a brownish color.

Another thing I didn't mention about Nebulae.

Nebulae are one of the main reasons we have stars. Now I know I said that they can be formed by died out stars. But they can also form from just random dust particles and other things out in space. How this happens is when atoms of light elements get squeezed, then that creates enough pressure for the nuclei to undergo fusion. Then afterwards gravity compresses in interstellar gas until the fusion begins, then it begins to exert outward pressure. Then after that, the cloud (Nebulae) begins to collapse on itself to form enough pressure for everything work and end up making a star.

(Quick Fact) What does Nebula mean in Latin?

Nebula in Latin means large cloud. It is Latin because the first Nebula ever discovered by a Latin professor. (couldn't find a name)
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Hubble Return to the Eagle Nebula

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