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Local Lead Igniter review

  • 1. Our low costs guaranteed leads help promote a highly profitable, scalable lead pipeline for agents,teams and brokerages. Each lead we generate for you , buyer OR seller no matter what zip code,costs only $20. We guarantee you will receive the leads you pay for! If you for some reason do notreceive the leads you paid for, we check every account each quarter and will refund your accountthe difference.How does it work?We use the latest technology and methods to find buyers and sellers. When someone registers onone of our websites, we forward that lead to you AND ONLY YOU! We do NOT share and of ourleads. Our national statistics prove that the average agent can close our leads into a transaction at5%. This means that 20 leads at a cost of $20 per lead equals only $400 out of your pocket to getan escrow! That’s a great deal! Motivated agents in the top 20% of our program close at anaverage rate of 10-12% leads into escrow! The higher your conversion rate, the less out of pocketexpense per escrow.>>Check out it<<What makes LeadIgniter different than otherlead providers?1. We are active REALTORs just like you! A major difference between us and other lead generationcompanies is we ARE agents. We have experienced the same stress and pressure to build ourbusiness that you do. Beginning with one buyers agent, in twelve months we grew to a team of sixagents closing an average of two transactions a month. As other agents heard of our success webegan helping them build their teams as well. We understand what it takes to not only generate“leads” but generate quality leads and build a thriving team that results in a highly profitable, growingbusiness.
  • 2. 2. We include training and coaching at no additional cost. High quality training for agents andteam leaders to actually CLOSE leads and increase profits is included in our program atno additional cost. We do not up-sell you to buy more leads or other products like our competition.With our growing national network of agents and top producers, we are continually refining andgenerating better scripts, templates, systems and partnerships to help our clients close the mostleads with the least amount of effort!>>Check out it<<3. Inexpensive outsourcing to staff your business. Are you overworked and needadministrative/clerical help? Included in our program is access to our team of highly trained offshorevirtual assistants. We have years of experience working with virtual assistants all over the world.We will show you how to leverage your time and money by hiring a virtual assistant at rates as lowas $4.50 per hour. Our clients receive not only our experience through training, but also access toour virtual assistants!4. Low overhead means BIG SAVINGS FOR YOU. Our competition has share holders, million dollarexecutive salaries, expensive buildings, investors, and more. Costs they must pay for, costs that arepassed on to you. We run an extremely lean operation which translates into amazingly low prices foryou!5. Get your leads for free! Several agents have affiliates who are paying for part or all of their leadcosts. We offer coaching and systems on how to partner with affiliates and reduce or eliminate out ofpocket costs. We also offer a referral program…tell others about us and when they purchase leads,we will provide credits for you to purchase your leads.

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Local Lead Igniter Software review

Local Lead Igniter Software

Local Lead Igniter Software is a simple, easy to follow method that will enable YOU to sign up more clients than you can handle! Your Business can Turn Around Fast.

Imagine ranking in huge amounts of cash whey you EXACTLY now how to tap into a never ending pool of offline business. That are proven buyers. Waiting to buy from you.

You're gonna see exactly how this system can work offline while everyone else is struggling to get a consistent flow of new customers into their business.

Do you have any of these problems?
- You have a lack of focus
- You lack a clear plan of action
- You have a lack of confidence
- You don't prospect consistently enough
- You're overwhelmed with all the "Methods" being taught
- You have Fear of Rejection
- You worry about the "What If's" too much
- You don't implement until things are PERFECT... (NEVER)

Most people have one of those problems above or you wouldn't reading this.
Offline Marketing is SUPER EASY, most people fail ONLY because they don't have systems in place!

Get Special Bonus from Local Lead Igniter Software:
- Bonus #1: An animated explainer video that will assist you in selling your Lead Generation Service!
- Bonus #2: Three Part Marketing Sequence that will "ignite" your prospects pain by rubbing salt in their wounds!

Don't forget that this is a limited time special offer that will be ripped from the marketplace on May 13th, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST.

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Local Lead Igniter Software

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Local Lead Igniter Software review