Project Restart - Grimsley H.S.

Project Restart February/March 2021

Project Restart 2nd Semester 2021

GCS approved a plan to allow high school students to return to in-person instruction in the coming weeks, if they choose to do so. Under this plan, 9th graders will return the week of Feb. 22. 10th and 12th graders will return the week of March 1, and 11th graders will return the week of March 8.

Students that choose to return will be assigned to an Cohort 1or Cohort 2. Cohort 1 students will attend classes in person on Monday and Tuesday, and receive virtual instruction Wednesday through Friday. Cohort 2 students will receive virtual instruction Monday through Wednesday, and will attend in person at school on Thursday and Friday.

The District Plan for Scheduling includes students transitioning and attending all 6 classes throughout the school day, transitioning to classes following their assigned schedule.

Grimsley Schedule

8:37 - 9:30 Zero Period

9:40 - 10:00 Homeroom (1st Period) - Check-In, Announcements, Breakfast

*Homeroom will start once we return to in-person learning.

10:00 - 10:49 1st Period

10:59 - 11:48 2nd Period

11:58 - 12:47 3rd Period

12:57 - 2:06 4th Period (Lunch) - Lunch will be delivered to the classrooms

*While we are learning virtually, lunch will take place from 12:47 - 1:17.

4th Period will run from 1:17 - 2:06.

2:16 - 3:05 5th Period

3:15 - 4:10 6th Period

It is important that families read and understand the content of the guide in order to be familiar with some of the procedures that will change slightly in order to keep everyone in our school community healthy and safe.

We are excited to see all our students in-person again; however, students, parents, and families must all take the necessary precautions to keep the Grimsley community safe.

It is important that all students and families review this document and understand both the expectations of the students and of the parents in order to be able mitigate transmission and continue to provide safe and responsible in-person learning. It is going to take our entire Grimsley family to work collaboratively together in order to safely reopen school.

If you have any questions to concerns please contact me at

Our Students returning to Campus, will consist of 2 Tentative Groups - some changes have been made to accommodate specific classes.

Cohort 1 - Students last name A-Kh (910)

Cohort 2 - Students last name Ki-Z (911)

This does not include our current Adaptive Curriculum and OCS students who will attend school Mon, Tues & Thurs, Fri.

School Day 9:40am - 4:10pm


Monday - Cohort 1

Tuesday - Cohort 1

Wednesday - All Remote (Building Closed)

Thursday - Cohort 2

Friday - Cohort 2

Please note that due to class size protocols we may have to relocate classes to accommodate the number of students in those classes. This will be identified on your child's schedule for the 2nd Semester hat will be mailed home February 16th.

Students will follow their regular schedule of 6 Periods and also Zero Period if applicable. We will be providing breakfast and lunch to students which will be in the classrooms for the foreseeable future - unfortunately, seniors will not be able to leave campus for lunch.

While on campus, the students will be required to wear a mask (provided if needed) and maintain social distancing. We will also check all students in upon arrival to their 1st Period Building by taking their temperature and completing the assertation questionnaire - 1st Period Planning Teachers will be utilized for screening of students to their 1st Period.

Hand Sanitizing Stations throughout the School (Hands)

Masks Worn Throughout Campus (Face)

Social Distancing (Space)

Project Restart Community Meeting Jan. 13th 2021

Face Coverings, Social Distancing, and other Mitigation Strategies

It is expected that all individuals who are on campus will always have a cloth face covering and/or mask (provided if needed) on in the appropriate manner (covering both nose and mouth), unless directed by an adult that it can be removed. The schedule will provide several opportunities for students to take a mask break throughout the day, but only in situations where students are in a large enough space or outdoors.

Also, it is expected that all individuals adhere to the 6 ft. social distancing guidelines, and to the greatest extent possible keep appropriate distance between themselves and others to help mitigate the transmission of the virus.

Students, staff, and individuals should be mindful of the number of items that are handled by multiple people throughout the day. Teachers will supply students with their own supplies and instructional materials, so items are not being passed between students or shared with others throughout the school day.

Students will also be expected to clean their own desk with a disinfectant wipe at least once after lunch to prepare for one class rotation. The disinfectant wipe will be provided by the classroom teacher, and sanitizer will be available throughout the building. Students will use the bathroom during classroom bathrooms breaks and have several opportunities to wash their hands with soap and water - limited to two persons in bathroom at one time.

Classroom spaces are setup according to the CDC standards to maintain 6 ft. of social distancing at all times while students are in the classroom. Each classroom has been installed with hand sanitizer stations, as well as areas outside the bathrooms and entrances to the school.

Individuals who do not comply with either or other strategies in place to mitigate the transmission will be immediately directed to be picked up by a parent and leave the campus. Students will be sent to the ISS Room, and a parent/guardian will be called to come pick-up their student and they will be allowed to return the following week during their cohort days following a phone conference with the parent and/or guardian.

Hand Sanitizing Stations throughout the School (Hands)

Masks Worn Throughout Campus (Face)

Social Distancing (Space)

Parent Responsibilities

It is important that if you student begins to show signs and/or symptoms of COVID, that you keep you student home from school. It is our recommendation that you immediately consult your primary health care provider in order to determine the steps to keep your student and family safe.

Also, should your student receive a positive test it is your responsibility to notify the school immediately so the appropriate steps can be taken to mitigate the transmission of the virus to others. The school will be working closely with the school nurse and the local health care department to determine the steps that need to be taken in order to prevent transmission of the virus.

It is also expected that all parents will comply with the health department’s guidance when notified to either isolate and/or quarantine your student who has either tested positive or was directly exposed to someone who has tested positive.

Remote Learning

If you have changed your mind about whether or not returning to school in person is right for you, we need your help. If you want your student to continue learning at home it is important to visit our website and log into SchoolMint to enroll in the GCS eLearning Academy at your High School. If you are one of our families who did this in the fall, you will get a text message and/or email message from SchoolMint to let us know if you wish to return to school in person or continue remote learning at home. If you didn’t log into SchoolMint for this in the fall and still want to return to school in person in January, there is nothing you need to do except stay tuned for more information about our plans to return safely.

9th Grade Orientation - Cohort A

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 9:45am-4:15pm

801 North Josephine Boyd Street

Greensboro, NC

9th Grade Orientation - Cohort B

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 9:45am-4:15pm

801 North Josephine Boyd Street

Greensboro, NC

Grimsley High School Student Check-In

Complete each question and submit the form EACH day that you arrive to campus. Please make sure to reach each question carefully!

Arrival to School

The arrival and student drop-off process will be different in order to conduct the temperature checks and screening questions to each student. Most high school students will be able to answer the screening questions for themselves; however, for some it might be either less stressful or appropriate for the parent to use the Attestation Form. Currently, the form will be located on the school website and needs to be turned in each day upon entry at school. The district is working on having an app available to complete the Attestation Form, and we will communicate when that app is available for parents and/or students.

Car Drivers/Riders Arrival

Car Drivers/Riders Arrival

In past years we have allowed early drop-off to help parents headed to work and allow our car rider line to move as efficiently as possible. The student has either waited outside on the sidewalk or in the cafeteria; however, at this time we will no longer allow students to be dropped off before 9:20am unless they are attending Zero Period .

The student will first be greeted at the designated area in front of the Main Gym, and the temperature will be taken. If the temperature is lower than 100.4 degrees, the screener will proceed to ask the following screening questions.

Students and/or parent/guardian must answer the CoVid 19 Screening questions.

If a student’s temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees, you will be directed to either pull as far forward as possible or into one of the parking spaces and someone will recheck the temperature after 5 minutes. A student who has a temperature of above 100.4 degrees will not be permitted to enter the building.

If a student can answer, no, to all the screening questions and has a temperature under 100.4 degrees they will enter the building.

Students will enter the building and proceed directly to the classroom they are assigned for 1st Period.


Students will be able to purchase parking places in assigned parking zones for a donation of $25 for the 2nd Semester:

Seniors - Upper Parking Lot

Juniors - Upper Parking Lot

Sophomores - Lower Parking (In front of Tennis Courts)

All proceeds will go towards the our Class of 2021 Recognitions.

More information on how to purchase a parking place to follow.

Bus Rider Arrival

Upon boarding the bus at the bus stop each student will need to present the driver with the Attestation Form which is completed by the parent for that day.

Buses will be unloaded by an adult at school in order to conduct the temperature check and screening process. High school students are permitted to answer the screening questions; however, a parent may choose to complete the Attestation Form for their student, so they do not have to answer the screening questions for themselves if that is the more appropriate for your student.

Students will be required to stay in their seat until directed by the driver to get up and exit the bus. The bus will be boarded from back to front and students will then exit from front to back. Any student who does not comply with the procedures for the health and safety of others will require an immediate parent conference, and an alternative method of transportation may be required or your student will not be permitted to come to school on their cohort days for a certain length of time.

As students are directed to unload the bus from front to back, each student will have their temperature taken by an adult. If the temperature is lower than 100.4 degrees, the screener will proceed to ask the student the CoVid19 screening questions.

Student must answer the following questions:

If a student’s temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees, the student will be directed to wait for five minutes along the sidewalk and the screener will recheck the temperature after 5 minutes. A bus rider student who has a temperature of above 100.4 degrees or greater will be directed to the sick room and parent/guardian will be contact immediately to pick up the student.

If a student can answer, no, to all the screening questions they will enter the building. Students will proceed directly to their 1st Period classroom.


Students are permitted to walk to school. Students are encouraged to continue to maintain 6 ft of social distancing and wear appropriate cloth face covering while walking with others that are not apart of their immediately family.

All walkers should enter Grimsley at the front entrance (3 Points). Students will wait 6 feet apart, and must answer the CoVid 19 questions:

If a student’s temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees, the student will be directed to wait for five minutes along the sidewalk and the screener will recheck the temperature after 5 minutes. A student who has a temperature of above 100.4 degrees or greater will be directed to the sick room and parent/guardian will be contact immediately to pick up the student.

If a student can answer, no, to all the screening questions they will enter the building. Students will proceed directly to their 1st Period classroom.

Whirlie Device and Access Survey

We need every student to complete the survey so that we can make sure our records are up-to-date on who has a device, who still needs a device, and who is having access difficulties.

CoVid19 Symptoms

A student who is displaying CoVid19 symptoms and or has a temperature of above 100.4 degrees or greater will be directed to the sick room and parent/guardian will be contact immediately to pick up the student.

Student Devices

The district is in the process of receiving the shipment of student devices for 4th through 12th grade students; however, it does not look like schools will receive those devices prior to the return of In-Person learning. The teachers will be surveying students and the availably of being able to bring a device from home. We will communicate the process and procedures, should the school move forward with having students bring a device from home to help with their schoolwork during In-Person learning. Charging stations will be available in each classroom.

Teachers will continue to utilize Canvas as much as possible even with the return of In-Person learning. It will be important for students to bring with them a device that enables them to access Canvas, Microsoft Teams, and the other applications and platforms that we are using when we return to school. It is important that these devices are charged prior to coming to school.

GCS Parents Request an Internet Hotspot

Families who need internet access for students learning remotely or for other schoolwork can request a hotspot from their child’s school. These devices are free and will be available to use through the end of the school year.

Water Bottles

The water fountains will be covered and unavailable for students or staff to use in accordance with the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit. Students are permitted to bring a water bottle from home and the school will have bottle water filling stations in each building available for students and staff.

The drinking of water will be permitted in the Classroom and Hallways.


Visitation to the school will continue to be limited as move back to in-person learning. Visitors will need to continue to make appointment times. Also, to the extent possible, the school staff will handle in-person visits by wearing masks, socially distancing, and by keeping visitors outside as much as possible.

Large Gatherings – Assemblies/Concerts/Awards

The Public Health School Toolkit also states schools are required to discontinue in-person activities that involve bringing together large groups of people or activities that do not allow for social distancing. Therefore, we will suspend all in-person assemblies, concerts, award ceremonies until new guidance is received that it is appropriate to do so.

Grimsley will make every effort to find opportunities for our students to showcase their achievements and progress in our performing arts programs without having large, in-person assemblies.

Dismissal from School

In an effort to maintain social distancing, students will be dismissed at the end of the school day by building. Students are to immediately report to their designated form of transportation or after school activity.

Students riding the school buses will board back to front and remain seated throughout their ride home. Car Riders/Drivers are to leave campus immediately through their designated gates.


The GCS district and state NCHSAA have worked extremely hard to put guidelines in place that will allow us to return to sports competition as safely as possible. Our coaches have worked diligently to implement the new procedures and we have had a successful beginning to Volleyball, Swim and Dive, and Cross-Country seasons! All sports teams will operate on a modified schedule and can be found on or by downloading the 'whirlie' app. Athletes, coaches, staff, and spectators will have to complete an assertation questionnaire and have their temperature recorded prior to entering any event. If anyone feels any symptoms, you must stay home. Wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining social distance are required of everyone at all practices and games. We have strict limits on how many spectators are allowed at games and the limited number of tickets we have will be sold to the parents of our athletes that are competing. Our district recognizes the important role athletics plays in the education of our student athletes and is making every effort to provide a healthy outlet for our student athletes. We are grateful for everyone's understanding and cooperation with our new procedures during these unprecedented times.
GCS Reopening of Schools Information

“Our goal is to serve as many students as possible for the greatest amount of time possible while also keeping students, faculty, staff, parents and our community healthy and safe,” Dr. Sharon L. Contreras, GCS Superintendent.

Project Restart Community Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 5:30pm

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