From the Media Center at Hope-Hill

March 2021

Hope-HIll Readers Advance in APS March Madness!

Calling all Staff and Students! Help Hope-Hill progress from Elite 8 to Final 4!

It's an exciting month to be a Hope-Hill Reader! Through our OUTSTANDING reading this school year, and being a fixture on the Race2Read leader board, we were invited to participate in APS's reading March Madness! On Monday, we progressed from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 by logging more reading minutes than our competitor. Let's keep reading and logging this week to beat BAMO on Monday, 3/22, and progress to the Final 4.

We need our Community Supporters to keep us on the leaderboard!

Want a fun and easy way to be involved with Hope-Hill? Just sign up to be one of our community readers for Race2Read. When you register at this webiste, indicate that you want apply your reading minutes to Hope-Hill. All families and friends are encouraged to participate!

... and after you register, download the app for easy logging!

After you register on the webiste with a computer, you can download the Beanstack app on your smart device for easy tracking and logging of your minutes for Hope-Hill.

AR competition and virtual party

Thanks to all of the students who participated February's AR challenge & celebration. 31 students were rewarded for their hardwork with goodies bags full of treats & trinkets, and 19 students attended our virtual watch party of silly shows. We hope that the students enjoyed themselves and felt rewarded and celebrated!

Confused with homework? Try TutorATL in My Backpack!

I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with TutorATL. If your student is struggling with a homework issue or math problem, you can contact TutorATL through the tile in My Backpack and get immediate, personalized help. You can choose from chat only or voice & chat options. They even give quick feedback on written assignments! This was a great option for my family on an asynchronous Wedenesday when my sons had work to revise. Give it a shot!

And don't forget to check out our Little Free Library!

Ready for a new book? Or is your student virtual and wanting to read from a paper book instead of electronically? Don't forget that our Little Free Library is always full of new, interesting and fun books for all reading levels. But please remember our motto: Read, Return, Repeat!
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