A Long Way Gone

By: Ishmael Beah

Internal Charecterization: Ishmael Beah

Ishmael is the main charecter in the book "A Long Way Gone" and he constantly struggles with a man vs. man conflict, that is the war he is forced to fight in against the rebels. He has killed many people of all ages with the same intent they had for him. These memories have scarred Ishmael for life.


Self vs. Man:

Ishmael has a Self vs. Man conflict all throughout the book, this conflict is his continuous fighting against the rebels.

Self vs. Self:

Ishmael has a Self vs. Self conflict throughout the book because he is forced to make diffacult disicisions for him and his friends survival.

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Historical connection

This story of Ismael Beah reminds me of the 1800's, specificaly the American civil war. I think that these times are similar because in the civil war confederates forced there slaves to fight for the confederates against there own will. This is similar because they both are forcing people that cant defend themselves to fight in a war.

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