Ethics Examples 09/30/16

Demetric Moore

Good Ideas On Improving The Community.

Its sad that these cops out here killing random human beings some people don't even do anything wrong and get tazed , beat to death 0r even maybe shot to death. The court systems don't even do anything when a cop kills a black male , the cop don't get suspension or jail time they just back to their job and probably even a promotion.

Doing Good Things

Cops Doing Good Things By Going To Walmart Giving Out Hugs

Killing Random Civilization

Does these bad cops think about what they done? I wonder if the court actually think about the murder because if they really did they would have at least gave them suspension or something. If i was a judge or whatever i definitely would gave them jail time.

Social Media Gone Wrong

So now social media is changing the law enforcement ? i disagree because people cant change what other people do only you can take actions for what you done. People might post something on social media but that dont mean you need to change who you are or blame anybody for anything you do.
Amber Swink Pepper Sprayed By Police In the Face - Police Brutality

Negative Cops

She was pepper sprayed till she became unconscious , She was only drunked you didnt have to do that .. a 25 year old lady who was taken from her home to the a prison while she was drunked and was pepper sprayed till she was unconscious.