By Donovan Clemon


We are taking to many fish out of our ocean ecosystem. We keep taking more than the fish can produce. Twenty five percent of all the world's fish stocks are either over exploited or depleted. No fish will also empty out habitats and could potentially crated a dead zone.

One way we could fix this is by creating laws placing limits on fishing.

Oil spills

Oil is very harmful to marine life,It could create dead zones where no life can be found.Oil smothers small fish and coat the wings and feathers of birds making them unable to maintain temperatures nor fly

One thing we could do is prevent this is by limiting the amount of oil that tankers can hold so they will not tip over and spill there oil

liter and trash

Trash in the ocean is a very big problem. Over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash floating around in the ocean. Trash admits plastic toxins into the oceans and into the ecosystems of the local sea and wild life.

One thing we could do is place trash cans next to beaches and assign jobs to people to clean up the ocean trash

runoff rain

runoff carries all sorts of pollutants from all of t he nearby cities, roads and much more.All of the runoff then seeps into the ocean.

One thing we could do to prevent this is to plant more trees next to ponds and streams to increase stream quality

acid rain

pollution up in the sky gets into the clouds and when the clouds start to rain, it rains down the pollution. Then rain the gets into the ponds and streams leading into the ocean, killing small fish and other wildlife

One thing we can do to prevent this is to create alternative energy sources to decrease the amount of pollution that is subjected into the sky