Digital Teaching and Learning

December 16, 2020

Student Passwords

The Office of Technology would like to remind teachers that every student should have a unique password. It is important that an entire class/grade level of students NOT have the same password or an easily guessed password, as this poses a privacy and security risk to student accounts.

Refrain from over-simplified passwords that use the school mascot or teacher's last name (eg. Dogs123, Smith123).

Here are directions to reset a student password via Roster Manager.

itslearning & Microsoft

A change is being made on the back end of itslearning regarding the connection between Microsoft and itslearning. Users may see the below message and should sign in with their Office 365 credentials.

Big picture

Device Filtering & YouTube

Per the email sent by Director of Technology Drew Moore on December 11, 2020, teacher devices are now filtered off network. This change has NO impact on teacher access to YouTube videos.

Students in grades K-12 have access to YouTube. By default, Restricted Mode is set for YouTube when accessed and streamed within the HCPS network.

When searching for video content to utilize with students, as a teacher you MUST search YouTube in Restricted mode (this link shows HOW to set).

With the incorporation of YouTube videos being linked in itslearning, YouTube videos are automatically stripped from the comments and playlist view of videos. There is no need to take the extra step of putting a video into ViewPure. In addition, because of HCPS filtering, students using HCPS devices may be blocked from ViewPure videos.

Office Hours

Office hours will be held 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday via this Teams link. Office hours will not be held December 21-22, 2020. Access the full schedule on this calendar.

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