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Worlds coolest GOV lab, Super M'erica Lab has shocking news:

Nuclear Fusion

As of December 10th, 2015, this info was released to the world. This breakthrough in scientific history will radicalize technology forever.

"Things just got real."

Dr. Luke Diasio (head director) has this to say on the subject: "Oh snap, things just got real!"

Why did things get real? Luke explained the following:

Why this is promising?

Nuclear fusion is an extremely promising form of electricity, because the fuel for it is literally everywhere. It's an extremely abundant resource, and this new ability to harness it opens so many options. Compared to Nuclear fission where atoms are split, these atoms are instead joined together chemically. This is the resource that runs the sun.


Nuclear fusion is still a relatively new form of generating electricity, and so we need to test it first to make sure we understand it. More details are still being released, but the public still doesn't know who figured it out. One of our news-reporters eavesdropped and overheard the sentence "spilled coffee on his algorithms", so make of that what you will.

Be aware.

Did you just pump loads of money into an investment in petroleum? Well, you might want to sell that stock fast. This new technology will most likely replace other conventional sources of energy, and make up our future